Willie A. Price is a graduate from the University at Buffalo with a B.A. degree in Mental Health and is a Certified and Licensed inspector in a number of real estate areas. He is a celebrated Self-Published author who believes that an individual can determine their own destiny and success, when they understand who they are and trust in their strengths and weaknesses. He has published several publications in topics ranging from Black History to Self-Awareness to Property Management and Property Inspections.

The release of his recent publication “No Dream is Impossible” (The 4 W’s to a Successful Life) and the creation of his empowerment workshops are used in presentations to youth, high school, and colleges and university students nationwide. His programs have expanded into the field of corporate Staff and Leadership Development trainings and workshops and trainings.

The goal of his presentations and workshops: “Understanding Your “YOU”, “No Dream is Impossible”, “From Boys to Men” and “What’s Your Next Move” are to help its participants develop their self-awareness. This allows them to know, understand and recognize the reality of achieving their life and career goals. As they self-aware they will begin to understand “WHO” they are and they will also have more success with creating their road map towards setting and achieving life and career goals.

“This Week in Black History” and “NO Dream is Impossible” are two of his publications presently being used used with his motivational / goal setting youth workshops: “From Boys to Men” and “No Dream is Impossible” for the Niagara Falls Housing Authority: “Advantage After-School Program”, which is in its 3rd year.

Mr. Price has 15+ years of real estate experience in the fields of Property Inspections and Management and Landlord training. He is a licensed Asbestos Inspector, Certified Home Inspector and former: BPI, FEMA, LEAD and HUD REAC Inspector. He has written several property management, maintenance and landlord training publications and performs trainings for municipal housing agencies, home buyer programs and landlord associations. His “Making Your House, Your Home” series has helped home owners and property investors save thousands of dollars when buying, selling and maintaining their properites.

In January of 2017, he was inducted into the membership of the National Speakers Association (N.S.A.). A national speaking organization with such members as Les Brown, Willie Jolley, Walter Bond, and Delores Pressley and many other world speakers.